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You're a horrible bi-slut.

That's the deal... You suck his dick and he lets you fuck him in the ass!

That was the deal? Where was it written that I should blow him?



Stacy Keach in Titus: Remember son, it's not gay if you're the giver.

Good show... too bad it was cancelled...

No sucking? What the hell!

Why don't you go suck?

Crube sucking dick exercises the jaw and burns 32 calories. It said so in a chian mail. It has it's benefits so you have to do it.

No I don't!

ANYWAY... While my family was out for the weekend awhile back, one of my gay friends brought one of his friends over so we can watch some ninja movies. Everything went well between me and Michael. Nice black hair and blue eyes, nice body too. We drank some Jagermeister and one thing leads to another. It was around one in the morning when I started to feel a little close to Michael. As the alcohol took affect... I felt his hand wander into my pants. Realising I was getting a free handjob, I started to fool around with him. He held me against the sofa as he slid his tongue into my mouth. Things got freaky as he pulled out the condoms. It was as if he planned the stupid, yet somewhat getting sexy plan. "So... why are you wearing the condom?" "Well.. you don't want the sofa to get messy, right?" Hey... good thinking. I wonder if I should go on with the details or let Vampy write it out... she can do it some justice.

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