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Dragon Ball Online Coming in 2008!

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DBMania is bringing us news that Dragon Ball Online, an MMO based on one of the most recognized series in the world, is coming to Japan in 2008, with the beta being tested in Korea this summer. The game is set 200 years from the end of the manga, so all the main characters are dead, or so it seems. The world has been divided by some evil organization, and with the help of “Time Patrol Trunks,” you’ll help to reunite the world.

Players will be able to select from any of the major races that appeared in the game; meaning Saiyan, Humans, and Nameks are definitely available to players. In the game, you actually start off as a young kid, and grow to be an adult. Akira Toriyama will be helping to design the new characters, buildings, and backgrounds

So, Dragon Ball fans, would you sign up for this, even though everything is in Japanese?

Here are some scans from the magazine:


I don’t want to meet the person who isn’t excited about this and at one point was a Dragon Ball. (or currently is, for that matter)

During the early days of Everquest and when Pokemon was popular for the first time (feels like another lifetime) I longed for a Pokemon MMO, and when I became a Dragon Ball fan that longing followed over. So this is a dream come true, I can’t wait and although I’m not crazy enough to learn Japanese and play it I’m sure an English version will follow.

If an English version doesn’t come out… well I’ve always wanted to learn Japaneses anyway.

Source: Japanator

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If weeaboos could find a way to play MegaTen online, then they'll be able to play this as well.

It'll be brought to the US. There is more then enough of a userbase for it, however if a monthly fee is tacked on it'll have a few good years before falling completely into obscurity.

What does the scouter say about his power level?

The balls are inert.

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I would kill to play it. But I guess I don't know how'd they would work Saiyans in other than like just anyone with Saiyan blood is Saiyan..seeing as how there would only be two bloodlines. I'd still prefer to be a half-saiyan, more bad ass strength in half the time. :awesome:

No SSJ4 for you!

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