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Thread resurrection!

So has anyone given this a go yet? I beat the story mode the other night and it was pretty awesome. Nero was a lot of fun to play around with, even during

Dante's missions

I wanted to rush past them to play as Nero again. The Devil Bringer brought a lot of epic moments in the game like engaging Devil Trigger and then slamming Dante face first into the ground, or the ending boss where Nero shouts "Jackpot!" when you use DT on him. :awesome:

The story needed to be fleshed out more, though. There didn't seem to be any explantion given to why Nero had the Devil Bringer when he was born or why all of The Order members

had Angelo forms

, and Gloria

being Trish was obvious right from the start

but they could have at least had her fight Nero before the twist. It would have made sense considering Dante didn't know if Nero was a friend or foe at the time, so why not have Gloria test him out too? They had that whole badass scene with her on the bridge and there wasn't any payoff down the road. Also, most of Shootie's vocal songs in 4 kind of blow. Forza del Destino and Sworn Through Swords are good tracks but the rest he does are screechy gibberish.

Anyone who was iffy about it should probably give it a rent at least. It's worth it just for the over the top beginning and the scene were Dante gets Lucifer.

EDIT: Also the recycling of the 4 main bosses got fucking ridiculous. If it was one thing that I hated the most about the game was that you had to beat four of the same bosses in the same locations three separate times in a 20 mission/13 hour playthrough. The two other bosses in the game you'll also have to face again later on, but they have a few new moves, but it still feels repetitive.

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