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So my band, with indie and foldered, has recently moved our band practices into my parents garage and out of the basement in an effort to make it less noisy for them. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that less noisy. Does anyone here have any experience with a cheap and effective way to soundproof a wall. I have heard that egg cartons are useless. So far we are leaning towards old foamy matresses and blankets. My other concern is whether we would need to soundproof just the wall adjoining the house or the whole garage. I will leave the rest up to you guys for some feedback.

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It's not going to be cheap. You can use double drywalls & some insulation for now.


^ That will kinda give you an idea. A party wall all around the perimeter & in the ceiling / floor above would be the ideal solution. If you guys can manage to put the drywall in yourselves, that would help significantly & would probably be the cheapest for now. But ultimate sound proofing is going to cost a bit.

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well we are way below that kind of budget, and its my parents house so they probably wont want me ripping the walls apart. Keep in mind it doesnt need to be like totally soundproof, just to the point where my parents can make phone calls while we play.

Edit:that link seems like it will be quite helpful though so thank you very much

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I helped soundproof the band room at my high school (alternative school so rock/metal bands). We put up egg cartons, and it does help but not much. We also stapled up foam, that helped more. We put thick blankets to block out the windows.

If you were going to put up drywall, though, its pretty easy and beneficial to the garage. You might be able to convince your parents into paying for it, even.

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Well, there are a couple of cheaper ways of doing it, but their so complicated you might as well go with the muffled idea you had to begin with.

Also, put everything on mats. I know, I know, it changes the way everything sounds slightly, and if you're a drummer, apparently it feels strange, but it will offer a further reduction.

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ok so this is the current situation. We made an ingeneous "drum fort" which is basically just surrounding the drum kit with all things soft (blankets, a box of packing foam) and it worked wonders. We were able to turn our amps down to half the volume they were at yesterday and my parents said it was much better so now everyone is happy. So basically problem solved good enough for now.


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