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Gentle Birthday Wishes to M4x0r

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To me it appears as if I am not banned, though it may appear otherwise for you.

I didn't say anything about you being banned. I was asking when it would be done.

There's a difference.

It seems the admins just don't care about you anyway, least you're not trolling and being a pointless spammer like you were before. I'm just glad to find out you were a man, so this thread should stay in case anyone else has any confusion about you, so it kind of servers a purpose.

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It seems that there is a lot that you have not realized. If the admins did not care about me, Wind would not have gotten me to join and Elite and I would not acknoledge eachother's existance in school.

I was talking about your spamming/trolling here that the admins didn't seem to notice or care about. Not whether people like you or not. Who gives a shit about what you do outside of this forum.

Ah, jeez.


Not only that, but since I only had one post at a time in the thread you were complaining about, it is not considered spamming.

"I cannot be banned!" over and over is spam. Whether you want to try and be delusional about it and think you did nothing wrong, that's not my problem either. You also have no proof that you only did it once in there, and I'm not going to bother Hero or Elite about it because I'd rather not waste both mine and their time on something petty you did. That, and you're no longer doing it, so congrats for stopping.

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Spam that was posted and deleted a short while later.

I guess we have different visions of the way that the world works. In mine, repeating yourself a few times on a message board on the internet (which is nothing to be taken seriously), then deleting your post(s) a few minutes later is not wrong.

Yeah, I live in this world, the one where another poster did the same thing a year or so back and got temp-banned for it. So thank you for proving my point. Also, you should realize by now that "lol internet" doesn't seem to work as much as people who bitch when they break a rule do.

Nor do I need any.

And neither do I. As I said before, when you for some reason believed I was referring to people outside of this board, cared about you and this thread.

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What point? Just because an administrator does not like what a member does and temporarily bans them, does not mean that what they did was actually wrong. That administrator must have also had a different view of the way that the world works than I do.

He trolled in Random Thoughts, where just about every member on the board saw it and wanted something done about it, not just the admin. The poster wanted to act like a child to get attention from people, much like you were doing.

That administrator must have also had a different view of the way that the world works than I do.

It is working for me.

Spoken like a true "everyone is wrong except for me, ...even though what I did was wrong, everyone is still wrong!" person.

The point was, Elite and Wind do care about me, it is just that what I was doing did not bother them.

According to the rules thread, it says that you will get a warning before getting banned.

Wind probably never even went in the thread, and I saw Hero in it before Elite got in there. My guess is that either he took care of it before hand, or you ran way and deleted your posts as quick as possible for forgiveness. So, yeah, you can still pretend anyone here cares about you on here if you'd like, even if it's wrong. You seem to have not a good sense of that, anyway.

So the answer to the original question about when I will be banned for them is: never.

Actually, it's "when I get bored and decide to cry out for attention". Maybe not today, or next week, or even this year, but it'll happen. It just depends on how bad you want to cry out next time and what thread you want to do it in. The thread you spammed/trolled in was pretty much desolate and run its course, by then just about maybe 3 people were actually going back into it, so hardly anyone saw it.

Anyway, I'm done here. The sheer fact this thread still is open shows that the admins aren't not viewing it. But like I had said before, it should stay open just in case anyone wants to know Protector's gender. Now that he's quit that whole bolding-his-I's thing, it's just a smidgen easier to figure out now.

Hell, the last few times I've seen people do that was a Christan forum that 7Chan was going to raid that night. ..It was made entirely of woman. :mellow: So, I'm out. If Protector wants to reply, he can, not like I'm going to stop a stupid person from replying to a stupid thread unless an admin locks this. Just because with his mentality, there's no arguing with him. I'm just surprised he even has friends outside of here, though.


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His posts also lasted for more than 5 minutes. The original point of this part of the argument is that I did something wrong, which you can not explain how it is actually wrong.

This is stupid and petty to continue this, so I'll only correct the parts you're very much wrong on, since well, they are wrong. :mellow: I've already explained how you were wrong countless times in the past, and you're just trying to throw back at me that I'm taking it seriously, which I'm not. If I was I would have already PM'd an admin days ago... plus this is in a birthday forum.

1) Faulty's posts only lasted about maybe one or two minutes, not five as you claim.

2) Spamming is a form of wanting attention from other members. There is no other reason to go and posted a message more then 20 times or so in one, or even 100 posts, other then saying "Hey guys, Look i'm acting like a jackass, please acknowledge me!"

3) People were taking the thread seriously, there were two other threads based on it. Because you saw maybe, 1 or two other members who were posting some spammy messages in it, doesn't give the whole board the right to. It didn't get totally out of hand, but it got stupid.

and finally 4) I wasn't aware I was in any kind of argument to begin with, so calling you out on being a a jackass when you were doing a jackass thing (see above) is only natural. I'm insulting your intelligence because you're not acting like an intelligent person and copping out with either "LOL internet" or "My friends an admin and doesn't care", deal with it.

That's all. Again, this is stupid to continue because every time you're just coming back and using the equivalent of "LOL Wind/Elites and admin, therefor I can do what I want without consequences!" and it's getting really, really old.

Anyway, I'm out. :snakes:

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