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Accelerated Evolution

Nights confirmed for Wii

Jae Hoon

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Yuji Naka has come out publically stating that he has no intentions to make a new Nights game. Source: CVG

So if a new nights game comes out it won't be by the creator. Here's hoping if the game even gets made it's not by the same team in charge of Sonic.

There are two teams "in charge" of Sonic, so to speak. Sonic Team USA, which made all those 3D abortions after SA1 and Sonic Team Japan, which made SA1 and Sonic Wii.

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If it's a new game I'll be all over it, for a rental at least. If it's just a port to the VC channel without the controls of the Wiimote, then no. I already bought both versions for Saturn and Christmas Nights way back when.

Apparently the webmaster of NightsintoDreams.com claims to have known about NiGHTS 2 for a long time now, and it is indeed real. But, it's still just a fan site, so...

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I hated it. It didn't seem a little fucking stupid that you needed to get upgrades to make the controls in the game actually work?

I didn't say it was perfect, but I liked it.

It was hardly the only game I've ever liked that took a while to get going.

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