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2.2 Billion to Stop World Poverty


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I just got this email from a mailing list I'm on and I think it's really important and something everyone can do. I did it :hardgay:

I especially encourage US citizens who are from states where the senators are Republican or swing-senators to call.

Consider how few people make these calls, and how many people you represent when you make a call. The last figure I've seen is over thirty thousand.

As I write, the Senate is debating the 2008 budget resolution; the final vote is expected tonight or tomorrow. The bad news is the Senate Budget Committee cut $2.2 billion from the international affairs budget below the president's request. This cut is a real blow to poverty focused development assistance.

The good news is that Senators Chris Dodd (D -CT) and Gordon Smith (R -OR) are introducing an amendment that would return the $2.2 billion dollars to the international affairs budget to support critical poverty-fighting and diplomatic funding. But the vote for the Dodd-Smith amendment will be in the next 36 hours and in the time that remains, only calls to Senate offices will make a difference.

Call your senators' offices at 1-800-786-2663 and ask them to vote "Yes" on the Dodd-Smith amendment. Then click here to register your call.

The Dodd-Smith amendment represents hundreds of thousands of lives. Call your senators' offices and use the following talking points:

• Ask them to support the Dodd-Smith amendment to restore $2.2 billion to the international affairs budget.

• Tell them you strongly believe that investing in the world's most vulnerable people will help build a better, safer world for us all.

• Make sure to emphasize the urgency of this issue. This funding is vital for providing: access to clean water and sanitation, education, life-saving medicines, and most of all, the opportunity for a hopeful future.

In some cases, a single phone call at the right time can make the difference between a "Yes" and "No" vote. Please take just two minutes to make a call to your senators' offices.

Call your senators' offices at 1-800-786-2663 and ask them to vote "Yes" on the Dodd-Smith amendment. Then click here to register your call.

The link to register your call is http://action.one.org/dia/track.jsp?key=13...e-sign-up-2.dwt

I'll post whether it passes! :hardgay:

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Private Charity > Government interference

Because the private charities will instill righteous Christian morals in them, right?

Because private charities can organize and cooperate on the massive scale needed, right?

Because no regulation of corruption is good, right?

Because it's the poor people's own fault that they're poor, right?

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Seriously GPS you know what I keep telling you about not butting in with useless shit? Uh, this is one of those times. If you don't like it, don't participate. This isn't a debate thread and this isn't SD&D.

Who do you think debated more over what gender GPS was going to be? His parents, extended family, the doctor, or baby GPS?

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