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RPG confessions

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This is the topic to let the lord hear of your sins and forgive you for all your wrong doings. Obviously your sins must be RPG related.

Feel free to discuss the various sins of fellow board members too! This is a thread to bring some life to the RPG club!

I will start off.

Lord, please forgive me, I think Xenosaga episode 1 is better than Xenogears in just about every possible way.

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Mystic Quest was harder than people make it out to be. I'd say it was harder than both FFIV and VI on the SNES!!!!!!!!

Definitely. It had some hard dungeons, especially considering that you can't just run away from enemies (since you have to defeat them to pass). And then once you're almost completely dead and you've used up all your items and magic, you get to an overpowered boss. But cheating is still shameful.

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Not so much a SIN, if you ask me... but I've never even come CLOSE to TOUCHING Final Fantasy 9, let alone playing it. Never had much interest really.

Here's another that you guys'll anti-appreciate. Never played any of the Tales games all the way through. Got semi-far into Symphonia, but that's about it.

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I haven't completed a new JRPG or Strat-RPG in years. There's always something that excites me into buying the game and then eventually I get dissapointed and quit playing. I'm trying to think of the last one I played to completion and I think it's FFX.

Games on this list:

Star Ocean 3



Rogue Galaxy

Radiata Stories

Baten Kaitos

Kingdom Hearts 1

Kingdom Hearts 2

Final Fantasy III DS

I'm sure there's more. Interestingly however I have no problem replaying old RPGs from the SNES era. I beat Chrono Trigger again recently.

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