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Metallic Christmas in March Biatchies

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Since no one has made a complilation in the last couple of weeks and I had some time to kill I thought I would do one. :headbang: This comp is a mix of metal genres including mostly power, doom, and melodic death


1-Circus Maximus - Sin

2-Morifade - As Time Decides

3-Dark Moor - Nevermore

4-Dark Sun - El legado

5-Labyrinth - Kathryn

6-Caspian - Further Up

7-Lacrimas Profundere - All your Radience

8-My Dying Bride - A cruel taste of Winter

9-Nightningale - Thoughts from a dying Soul

10-Xandria - Ginger

11-Rossomahaar - Cresent Moon

12-Rotting Christ - Nemecic

13-Darkane - Layer of Lies

14-Yyrkoon - Flight of the Titan

15-With Passion - Train Wreck Orchestra

16-Gardenian - Powertool

17-Kalmah - The Black Waltz

18-Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Angel heart/Ravenheart

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