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Hanging pictures of those you love....

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Judge orders man convicted in vehicular homicide case to put victim’s picture in his home

By Associated Press

Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Updated: 01:06 PM EST

BARTOW, Fla. -- A judge has ordered a man who pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide to display a large picture of the victim in his home after serving two years in prison.

Circuit Judge Robert Doyel said Friday that the picture must be at least 2 feet wide and displayed prominently. It also must include lettering that says: ’I’m sorry I killed you.’

Arthur Pierce, 31, was racing with his cousin on a busy street when they caused an accident that killed 17-year-old Chelsi Gregory, authorities said. Witnesses told police Pierce was swerving in traffic at about 120 mph when his Cadillac collided with a pickup in which Gregory was a passenger.

A prosecutor also said alcohol was a factor in the crash. Pierce’s cousin, Christopher Pierce, is set to be sentenced April 5.

An advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Driving requested the photograph be part of Pierce’s sentence, according to The Ledger of Lakeland newspaper.

The judge said that Pierce’s probation officer will be allowed to search his home at any time, and if the photograph is not displayed, it will be considered a probation violation.


It's a whole new way to entertain houseguests.

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This is the strangest punishment I've ever heard of. Guess MADD'll do some weird stuff. But I don't think he deserves to be reminded about this EVERY DAY. The guilt of knowing it happened is enough. Also, the embarrassment of doing it. Also, he probably lost the race. Sure, he screwed up bad, but I don't think they need to rub it in...

Also, "Sorry I killed you," just sounds sort of funny.

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this punishment is obviously neither cruel not unusual

I think it ahs interesting possibilities with phsychotic people, but it will likely stay mostly with accidental or negligent deaths

cruel i can't really say, i would probably kill myself at some point.

But unusual? How is that not unusual?

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This is rediculous. I've driven too fast before (though never 120 mpg), and I know that if I accidentally killed someone while doing it, I would for the rest of my life be riddled with guilt from it. Having to see a picture like that every day would drive me nuts. Why is it that they thought this guy only deserved 2 years in prison, but he still deserves something definitely unusual and arguably crual like this?

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Having him have to hang the picture is kinda insane.

He wasn't just street racing though. He was street racing drunk.

Down a busy road no less? There's really no excuse for any of it.

I would have forgotten the picture punishment and given him at least 9 years jail time.

Racing down a unpopulated road when you don't think anyone will be there and accidently hitting someone is one thing, but to do so like this idiot did deserves a strict punishment. Maybe not a mentally torturing one, but at least it's something more than a two year vacation.

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This is the worst idea ever. It's like they don't think he's human. It's like they don't think he'd feel guilty.

Not all humans would feel guilty about something like this. The vast majority would but still....

That said, I still think that's kinda cruel and unusual. He'll probably lose his mind. They should've just put him in jail longer so he could get his aynoose pulverized.

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