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favorite/worst christmas gift


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I'm totally quoting that!

As I was typing that I said to myself "You know, someone might sig this. Better go back and check for spelling errors."

Best: Ipod (i didn't even ask for it, my dad just got it. I'm not complainiong tho.)

worst: probably the calender my grandmother got me (but she also got me a copy of Hesiod's Theogny, so it's all cool). I needed the socks and underwear I got.

You never diss socks and underwear. Because you always need socks and underwear. Especially socks.

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Favorites: My new computer, my book of Chopin sheet music and the ticket to see Beethoven's 9th.

Worst: probably the flashlight that my sister's family got me, though they got me so much awesome candy that it really doesn't matter.

EDIT: I would love a Fullmetal Alchemist calender.

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