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28 Weeks Later full trailer

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28 Days Later is still one of my favorite movies of all time, mainly because of the small cast of characters for the most part of the movie, the feeling of isolation was solidified extremely well. Now, we have more people and kids as the main characters; I'm sorry, but kids will never be able to exhibit the full range of mature emotions that directors force upon them, it makes the whole performance seem paper-thin, as if you can see them reading a teleprompter.

I would make a sound guess that a majority of 28 Days Later fanbase consists of adults, and putting children as the lead roles in the movie can only deter them, like me, right now.

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I don't think the kids in this sequel are being forced into roles of adults. I mean even horror movies, especially apocalyptic ones, still have kids in them. This just happens to have two who are part of the main storyline. I think the movie has less to do of them being kids and more of the family unit. Sort of difficult to have a family unit if there's just a dad with no kids and no mother.

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Exactly. Plus I'm more or less thinking the roles of the kids is to act like a kid would giving a connection to people on multiple levels/appealing to everyone. Much like the role of the teen in the first movie. I believe it's going to be more of their part to act scared and let it show while the father will be trying to hold the family together through this.

Although about the trailer itself. I was not massively impressed.

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