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Okay so my parents are finally letting me get a job now that I won't be spending the money on luxuries for myself.

I was going to apply places when 3rd quarter ended, around April 4.

But it turns out I'm going on a road trip (WOOOOO!!!) all of April vacation which is April 14-21. And you can't start work and then right after that, not be there, right?

Should I apply when I get back?


Thank you <3

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I have no idea how to get a service industry job. I've tried like four times and I suck at it. So I'm stuck working under-the-table as an assistant carpenter.

I can pass on a few pointers that I've learned in the past though:

-if you need a bunch of references (which you don't have or are too lazy to look up) give them the telephone number of a friend of yours along with a fake name (or their real name). Just make sure to let your friend know that they might get a call.

-When they ask you what hours you can work, say you're free all of the time that you don't have school (or something equally unmissable).

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Thanks for the tips Mith! I have this friend named Samuel. I think I'll use him.

I hear it's very difficult to get a job in California.

Mag, do you need any kind of experience to work at a nursing home? I've never even worked at McDonalds.

I think I would really like working at McDonalds.

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Mag, do you need any kind of experience to work at a nursing home?

It helps, but if you agree to work any days, speak english, and can pass a piss test, you'll probably be better of than the other applicants.

The local paper has had the same ads for diet aides in the paper for a month and a half. It's not a job many people like doing.

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i just wrote a note to myself in my sketchbook in spanish :headbang:

but uh, yeah. it's been my experience that the only way to get decent jobs is to have an 'in'. a couple years ago i had a pretty stellar resume (given my age) and couldn't get anyone to call me back, but i knew someone who knew someone and got a pretty sweet job at an art gallery

and the comic store job i had in high school i only got because i was tight with the owner and his predecessor

there are exceptions, of course, but if you wouldn't mind working at DD and you know people who work there go for it

also: http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/ma

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