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Mario vs. Sonic


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From a fanboy standpoint this is so awesome to see two old rival childhood mascots go head to head in a game made for friendly competition.

On the other hand, the plot is a middle aged chubby plumber going against a super blue hedehog that is the fastest thing alive, he's the fastest thing alive, he's the fastest thing aliiiiiiive.

Uh, anyway. I'd like to see some screens of the actual game before getting too excited. Sega claims it won't be a mini game fest.

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You know, from browsing 4chan today it occurred to me that this game could potentially influence some Amy x Peach hentai. :eyebrows:

There was already some hentai images of suitless Samus and Kid Icarus floating around the same day the Brawl trailer was shown.

Make it happen, hentai artists.


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probably going to end up like a wario ware clone but with only sport related mini games. im not saying that this is a bad thing. i don't really see the need to make this the Olympics. and seemingly only between these two.

Sega already confirmed that it won't rely heavily on mini games and that it'll have characters from both the Mario and Sonic series.

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