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Epic April Fool's jokes

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I have some very exciting news. G4 Entertainment Inc has agreed to acquired TWiT in an exchange for stock and $1 cash.

We've been in extensive conversations for the past few months, but I've been reluctant to say anything until today. Here's an excerpt from the G4 press release which crossed the wires a few hours ago:

G4 CEO , Loof Slirpa, said about the merger, "The synergy between G4's smokin' babes and classic TV series, and the TWiTs high end tech knowledge will allow us to reach a vast audience of teenage boys and disaffected computer programmers."

Entrepreneur and media commentator Mike Arrington of Techcrunch.com said, "The dynamic synergy between the old web and the new makes this a win-win for everyone but the audience. I wish I had thought of it first."

Chief TWiT, Leo Laporte said, "I'm moving to Canada."


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