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Lotsa requests... XD

Anyone have Ace of Spades by Motorhead?

Powerslave by Iron Maiden.

Leviathan's best CD. (I'd love you forever stranger).

Catacomb's best. (If any of you listen to it).

Any Ancient Rites you might have stranger!

Some Primordial and/or Gorgoroth.

Conjuration of the Spectral Empire because I'm finally starting to dig the Chasm.

Occult Medicine by Yyrkoon. I know I said I didn't like it Chrono, but now that I listen to Acid Bath and Naglfar and shit I don't care about the lyrics anymore. Part of it was/is that my greatest fear is surgery/torture.

Beyond Fear's latest.

Any good folk that isn't Tuatha De Danann, Otyg, or Korpiklaani, as I already have a bunch of that.

I think I saw Chrono was listening to that band Lacrimas Profundere, I wanna check that out. Also, do any of you listen to Fields of Nephilim and are they good?

I'd dig Tiamat's Wildhoney.

Yeah, that's a lot. I hope I don't sound like I twat but if anyone could help...

I wish I had some stuff to contribute. : x

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that folk request is going to cause trouble when Windrider hits town :tongue:

i've got most of that stuff, but then so does Stranger and probably Chrono and they can hook you up more easily

my request of the evening is for some Racer X. the dudes have evaded my grasp on at least three occasions now

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