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Galexia ***Special AE Pre-Release Listen***


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Speaking of which, I am currently in negotiations with Tracy (Devin's Wife) to have Devin contribute a vocal line or chorus on the upcoming galexia album, my label is backing me up on this and showing him it's a legit gig.

I'm also in negotiations to get Jon Crosby of Vast to contribute.

The bigger the names, the bigger chance I have of hitting it big.

I may need a back-side art / track listing, and perhaps some photography for the inner booklet.

I was told by Leona that if Jon Crosby has the time to contribute, the cd will most likely have full distribution.

discuss :headbang:

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Yep, I already have Baden from DEAD AS YESTERDAY!!! signed on, (he does the chorus vocals on pariah, the "AND I TAKE BACK" part.

Jon Crosby I am sure will sign on, and I'll probrably have im duet or do a new chorus for "Asfixia". If I get Devin, I am going to fully rework "The Year I dissapeared" and allow him to do the vocal growls instead of me. Either that or he'll do ROSE OF THORNS.

Crosby I am betting will def do it, and there is a chance. Tracy said he works on endless projects with small and big bands alike, contributing for the love of music. I think theres a chance, if I get jon Crosby I think devin will do it.

if I get devin, who knows who else I can get!

If you guys remember I had Knowledge contribute on a song and then we scrapped it. He's a very very talented rapper. http://www.knowledge203.com

or you can hear the original demo here.


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Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. That's ridiculous.

ANd how do you make beep boop beep electronic stuff?

Woooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaah. Devin fucking Townsend.

Keyboard... Synthesizer...

The unfortunate thing is man, theyres no short cuts, you gotta shell out money and buy mad equipment, and if you want good quality mad recording equipment / software etc.

The only problem I see right now is, payment which is a big issue for me and 2blossoms. Baden from Dead As Yesterday contributed for free because he liked the stuff and wanted to help out, James is going it for free, and I think Jon will because ITS HIS FUCKING LABEL lol.

Negotiations with the big guys always means % of money, and the only thing turning some of the guys off is that its prolly not gonna sell well, but they gotta see that with them on it, it will sell well. Benefitting both of our causes.

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Well just by the fact that you have contact with the managers of Arjen and Devin. That's pretty cool.

Crazier shit? What would crazier than Devin himself singing on your tracks?

I think he'd be amazing on Rose of Thorns.

- Frank (keyboardist) and Jamie (Guitarist) from the Instrumental Progressive Metal Band "Buschwack" have signed on to add keyboard solo / guitar solo to a track or two.

Listen to theyre amazing prog metal at theyre website



* Confirmed Artists:

* Frank Sacramone: Keyboardist for Progressive Metal Band Buschwack

* Jamie van Dyck: Lead Guitar for Progressive Metal Band Buschwack

* Baden Boyce Fisher II: Vocalist from Metal band Dead As Yesterday

* Mike Cipressi: Guitarist for Alternative Rock Band Hattie Moore, also Guitarist and Vocalist for Three Headed Boy

* In Negotiations with:

* James Reichelt: All Instruments for Experimental Ambient Band Alone

* Jon Crosby: Lead Singer for Alternative Rock Band VAST

* Devin Townsend: Lead Singer and Guitarist for both Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad

* Arjen A. Lucassen: Lead Singer, instrumentalist, and mastermind behind Progressive Rock band Ayreon

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* Frank Sacramone: Keyboardist for Progressive Metal Band Buschwack

* Jamie van Dyck: Lead Guitar for Progressive Metal Band Buschwack

* James Reichelt: All Instruments for Experimental Ambient Band Alone

those are who I ment, I had gotten frank and jamie yesterday, and James contacted me around 4AM saying he's up for it, so I take him out of the negotiations slot.

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