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Accelerated Evolution

Galexia ***Special AE Pre-Release Listen***


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Man, that's awesome. Good luck, man. :headbang:

I'm hoping this leads to more exposure for Tim's art, too!

hahaha. me too :whistling:

i was just thinking... you should try and get Anneke from the Gathering in there. i mean, the Gathering are pretty computerized nowadays and she was on the last Napalm Death album for a few seconds

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just got this in the e-mail

Hey man, I grabbed the album from the link you posted over at the VAST messageboard, and was immediately very, VERY impressed. This is some outstanding stuff you've done here, and in desperate search for further information - I came across the Wiki page and was wondering how I could get my hands on the following:


Morphine Dream

The Definitive Look at Time and Space


Drug Induced Ambience

Unreleased songs:


To Be Human


Beethoven On Acid

Opera (17th Century)

[ s a i s h o ]


Rainy Day

Back-Stabbing Fuck

Confession to You



Mr. Barkin

Thank you so very much! It's always such a great feeling to hear music that actually makes you feel, rather than the typical media hyped same old-same old anyone can hear by turning on bullshit radio or mtv.



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Bitchin'. I just gotta say, like Masterplan said, I respect you a whole fuckin lot for making this album. It's not really my kind of thing and the vokillz aren't my favorite, but you did a damn good job. You/Ziltoid have inspired me to start working on my own album to do outside of my current band. I hope everything goes well with your record deals and guest appearances.

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Hello Kenneth,

My name is Lisa. I am the personal assistant to Devin's wife Tracy.

This is the correct email contact.

It is such an honour that you would consider Devin as a contributor to your album.

But sadly, Devin's schedule is currently completely booked - to the point of being overbooked.

At this time he has no time to incorporate any other small jobs, no matter how undemanding the task.

I am terribly sorry. Nevertheless, we all wish you the best of luck with a smooth completion of your album and a most successful release.


Lisa-ass't HevyDevy Records

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