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Yesterday in WoW

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So, as the description says, I made this forum to just chat about what you did in WoW recently!

As for myself, yesterday I was on my twink in WSG and I had the flag but couldn't cap because the horde had our flag and my team sucked and couldn't get it back.. so I ran from my hiding spot(I was just hangin in the FR with a 19 twink pally) and chased their FC down for like 5-10 mins before I caught her, and killed her myself.. then got some more killing blows, more flag returns, and more HKs on my way back to cap our flag. And that is my story about my yesterday in WoW.

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I finaly found a twink guild for my twink. Im happy about that. I also found someone that is going to get me a +15 agi enchant to my gloves for 15g so Im happy there. And next Sunday I am getting my Fishing Hat from the BB fishing tournament, So Im happy there. Judging from what the leader thought about as I linked my gear in the guild.. there is only one person with better gear than me in the guild.. and thats a mage. As for my rogue, I started running Crypts with a friend of mine.. we pulled 2 groups, took 15 mins, decided the tank sucked ass so we decided to call the run on acount of the tank being the worst tank I'd ever seen. My NE hunter is at lv 15 now as well. And thats what I did yesterday in WoW!

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