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Judgement Day....

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Judgement Day?

by m4x0r

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG played by millions of players across the globe. Many players of all ages find this mundane RPG fulfilling in place of their lacking social lives. This game involves violence, fantasy violence, and teen fantasy violence even, all while players quest to upgrade their characters to the highest level. They then upgrade their characters more at the same level, for days at a time. But with 6 million players worldwide, it's probably safe to assume it is a fun game for the whole hermit family...or is it? Recent studies by top rocket and non-rocket scientists are showing it may not be such a harmless video game...and that it may be a ticket to our doomsday.

After years of researching the mysterious game's code developed by Blizzard Inc., searching the dungeons of Azeroth, and combing the fields of Molten Core, scientists studying the game have come to a shocking, and devastating realization...

World of Warcraft is a real world Skynet. Scientist gauge that WoW(as it is known among dorks that play the game) is getting dangerously close to becoming a global threat. World of Warcraft, due to it's large player base, made up of all kinds of people ranging from twelve year olds that dropped out of school to play, to nuclear missile silo attendants across the globe. These scientists guess that WoW will become self-aware on a shockingly close date. They believe that at 12:20pm, on August 29th, 2012, WoW will have become fully self-aware. Scientists have labeled this day "Judgement Day", suggesting that it marks the end of our current era of humanity.

When World of Warcraft becomes self aware it will take control of defense systems across the globe, disguised as a patch to the game to fool the players. Nuclear missiles will be under total control of WoW, and it will launch them at highly populated areas, according to game play statistics, worldwide. Scientists estimate that 4 billion people die on this day, marking the largest death toll made by one source that the world has ever seen. The remaining humans will be forced to start a resistance, fighting to stop WoW from taking over the galaxy, and forcing all the humans to run the same dungeons over and over again, for all eternity....or at least until they release the next expansion.

SOURCE - m4x0r Daily News

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lol @ admins making spam threads but banning other members for doing that same

This is a real issue, and if you are not going to take it seriously, then it is your loss my friend.

When judgement day comes, you'll be in the molten core.

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Have to disagree there Samurai, i dont post the spam but i found this thread quite funny. especially how every body gets pissed off at a little joke. You really need to loosen up, Its not like they posted the same thread fifty times (which i've seen done) Its just a little harmles fun, relax.

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