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Dear A-E...

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I'm going to need to make a serious career path decision. I'm at a tossup between being an Automotive Tech/Mechanic and an Engineer. For either path, I've already got two schools locked down in my sights (Either UTI Phoenix or Sacramento for Auto Tech, UC Davis for Engineering).

Over the past two years a member on my Robotics team, I've learned to think critically (like an engineer!) and still keep things within reasonable boundaries (such as weight, size, practicality, and regulations). I've also, however, become much more adept in tool useage and finding/fixing mechanical errors.

So, AE, the question is...

Automotive Technician or Mechanical Engineer? I'm really leaning towards the Engineer, because from what little engineering I've done, I fucking love it, and the jobs are everywhere. The pay is better, I could live anywhere I wanted, and I'd probably never be out of work (or not for long). As far as the Automotive Tech thing goes, I've always had a love of cars, and how they work (especially in the suspension/drivetrain department), and the few times I've wrenched around in a car, I've loved it.

So yeah. Shoot your opinions at me. My decision may very well be based off of it.

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These are 2 VERY DIFFERENT careers. I hope you love doing math, physics, & other shit because being an engineer is nothing but that. Yes. There is some design, but for the most part, you will have to deal with a ton of calculations. Not only that, you'll be locked up in an office doing that. Hahaha! Once you become an engineer, you can eventually get your Professional Engineering License & that's when the money really starts flowing in.

On the other hand, if you like hands on, being an automotive technician would be much better & you get to work with cars directly. On some occasions, an automotive technician can make a lot more money than an engineer as well.

If you do decide to become an engineer & want to be in the automotive industry, take Mechanical Engineering & make sure that you join the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) & take internships with car companies every summer. Being a mechanical engineer gives you more opportunities in other fields than being an automotive engineer (mechanical engineer at amusment parks, aerospace, robotics, industry, HVAC, etc.). Keep in mind that you will be dealing with shitloads of math & physics (calculus, differentials, statistics, Boltzmann-Einstein quantum statistics, Castigliano's theorem, etc.).

( ^o^) <3

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Do you have a college nearby that has a good engineering program? UW-Madison has an event every year where you learn about it and get to see the classrooms and what people do. It might help in your decision. I have a friend who is graduating with an engineering degree this year and it's always been his passion.

For automotive tech, my friend took a job at a car place in high school to see what it was like and if they wanted to do it as a career. She didn't get to work on anything much (mostly answering phones and such) but she still got a taste of it. It helped her decide it was what she wanted to do.

You're still in high school though, right? There's always the real practical way of applying to all the schools and see which offers to pay for the most, as long as you like both options. ^^;;

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