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The date of the "offical" end of the Mayan calendar is debatable too, since some say its the end of December and others say its the end of October.

Some idiots think Jesus is returning :rolleyes:

Look at all the misinterpretations of the last time he came :awesome:

in seriousness, there are a few reasons, one is that the Mayan calendar ends then, which doesn't have any connection to apocalypse but people seem to believe it does

In a way, it does. The Mayans were very spiritual. Since the end of the Mayan Calendar marks the farthest they could see or foretell, it could be "the end." Or the begining of something new? Or advancement? Who knows. We'll have to wait and see.

By the way, your avatar brings tears to my eyes.

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The mayans counted time in cycles. 2012 is just the end of the current cycle. There's a cycle after that one too. But yes, supposedly there was belief that in the next cycle we would be enlightened.

Although they say the same thing about the Age of Aquarius, so when it boils down to brass tax it basically says the same thing humans have been "prophesying" for untold generations. One day we'll all be nice and happy and smart and love everything.

Basically the Mayan date for this happenening was really far away to them, but sorta silly now. Just like 1999 or T2's judgement day.

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Or like science fiction saying I'd be living in a plastic-encapsulated Utopia orbiting Betelgeuse right now.

The Mayan Calendar does predict that the world will end due to a huge flood in 2012, because at the end of each world age all life is destroyed and remade.

Whatever, I don't believe it, but that didn't stop me from reading about it.

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because you touch yourself at night.


The fact that you would make such a stupid response in the "Serious Discussion and Debate" section shows a still present immaturity on your part. I think we would all appreciate it if you would give serious responses in this section from now on, mst.

Now, as to the point of the thread, the current catun will end in 2012, and this catun (20 year cycle) is supposedly the one when "the great deity will return." But that doesn't make any sense as it's cycled through sometime before in history.

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