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Dreams are indeed odd. Like my "I'm smoking pot, listening to The Dark Side of the Moon, and playing anime songs on Guitar Hero 2 before fucking girls in tanning salons" dreams. Which makes little sense as the only thing I've done on the list so far is listen the Dark Side of the Moon.

And working on the anime songs in GH II. It'd be really funny if this exact scenario played out for you tomorrow.

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Ok, so I keep having dreams of me in school(a school I've never been to) with people who don't goto school(friends), and I don't goto school either. But then Im all of a sudden in a casino playing texas hold'em. With other friends. What teh fuck.

I dunno, I'm inclined to say that that's one of those "random-shit-for-no-reason" dreams. However the fact that it's recurring indicates some psychological importance. Probably revolving around your own life circumstance and personal symbology.

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