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Animal Crossing: Wild World


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I still would dearly love it to be explained why games like that are so much fun. I spent hours of middle school lost in the Sims and I can't think of a single good thing about it. A couple of years ago I got Harvest Moon for GBA and spent hours every day for about a week playing it. My brother asked what it was I was spending so much time on, and the more I explained about the game the worse it sounded and the crazier he kept thinking I was, but it was still fun as HELL.

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When I played the Sims, I'd build a house and then get incredibly bored as soon as the game started. Waking people up to go to work? What the fuck! I don't want to play that!

I've heard Animal Crossing is fun, but I've never picked it up because I'm worried that I would either really like it (and play it too much) or really hate it (and feel cheated).

Harvest Moon I had fun with but couldn't stick with it past summer of the second year (this was the PS-X version).

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