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I cant tell if this song sucks or is good


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Okay so I made this song over the past 3 days or so and as a musician or someone trying to be one (me) its really hard to judge whether or not a song you make is good or just plain bad and thats whats happened with this song, I made it and I cant feel if the song is just good or just bad.

Its a low-fi acoustic song. So the quality of the song is intended to be the way it is.

anyways tell me what you think just be flat out honest, "it sucked" "it was okay" "it was good" but I want constructive criticism.



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I won't lie, I've got a big ol' soft spot for Lo-Fi acoustic rock and folk-rock kind of stuff. It probably stems from my obsession over Dylan's first 4 albums.

Anyway, I'd give this a solid A-, though I really wish I could read the lyrics.

Also, if you want some more easy feedback I suggest uploading it to Audiostreet.net and seeing how your stuff does on their charts and/or putting a link up here in the Ultimate-Guitar.com Original Riffs and Recordings forum.

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