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Are they allowed to do this?

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Ok, so my next class I have we are apparently supposed to meet at the library of another school that's a half hour to 45 minutes from where my school is. It's located pretty much in the middle of Madison, which is hell to drive in right now partly because it's always like that and partly because of construction. Now, I don't have a legal license, but I'm really close to getting mine back. So, I really don't want some idiot running into my car again and me getting the ticket for having no license and being screwed over for another year.

Anyways, my issue is that apparently "attendance is required" but they don't offer any transportation. I'm thinking that's kinda BS on their part, and if they are going to require that they need to AT LEAST pay gas. Not to mention I only have 10 minutes between my class right before that and when I have to be all the way at this library.

Am I right to try and fight this? Do you think it's more trouble than it's worth? What do I do?

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how long have you known you were supposed to drive to this place? if it was just dropped on you recently you could argue you weren't able to secure transportation in such a limited time frame, but if you've known for weeks or months then the instructor could hold it against you since you had ample time to find a ride

Actually, we were just told it was mandatory on Wednesday, and I wasn't there for class. <-Snowstorm.

I could always just say I tried to go to class Monday but no one was there, since he didn't send a reminder email or say we were meeting at the library. I honestly assumed we would meet at school and take a bus over there, but I looked on Blackboard and apparently we are responsible for our own transportation.

Even if my friends were willing to drive me, they all pretty much have 9-5's and even if they didn't they wouldn't sit around down town 2 hours and wait for me. They'd tell me to skip. I wouldn't blame them.

How do you get around without a license now?

I drive to school and work, but country driving is a lot different then inner-city driving. Heck, I used to "borrow" my friend's older brothers truck and drive around with her at the age of 15. ^^;;

When you get into inner Madison nobody seems to know what they are doing and there's a lot of drunks, even in the middle of the day. <-And nowhere to go to avoid them.

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That's really screwed up. I say go to your adviser/registrar or talk to the instructor and just say the thing about how you have 10 minutes, and anyone can see that's BS on their part. They can't not help you find a solution if you tell them that. If it's time-sensitive email works too.

What if someone doesn't own a car? Maybe it's different in Wisconsin but most grad students in Boston don't. (It's funny that most high school kids in the suburbs do)

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Even we don't use taxis to go anywhere besides the airport!!

Seriously, listen to us, clearly it's not your fault and anyone could see that in 5 seconds. You are a young attractive female, people will want to help your life not be ridiculous u__u

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Funny story, Pam (the girl I couldn't remember the name of earlier) emailed me last night asking me to go with her because she's scared of down town. So, I'm going to go to school and see if she's there, and if she is I'll go to that and probably end up skipping science. (Oops.)

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She was there.

The stupid thing was only worth 5pts. It wasn't even worth worrying about. I mean, when he says REQUIRED and is threatening everyone you would expect it to actually effect your grade, but noooo....

I made up for that by dropping off my backpack and pretending to do research, but actually hanging out downtown and shopping. XD

On the plus side, I conquered my fear of downtown and can go back to my happy little downtown life. :mellow:

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Well, you could always come here to protect me from the evils of Madison public transportation. :tongue:


You're kidding right? I'd shit a horse if I actually had to follow you around when you do some of the things you do. That or have a heart attack. One of the two would eventually happen.

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You're kidding right? I'd shit a horse if I actually had to follow you around when you do some of the things you do. That or have a heart attack. One of the two would eventually happen.

I'm not that bad. :unsure:

Seriously, the bus thing was bad but otherwise I don't get myself into trouble I can't find my way out of.... I think?

What else have I done?

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