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Freud loves this thread!

Westermarck: Let me at 'im!

Venom: Now Westermarck, just calm down!

Who am I to tell two people they can't love each other? I mean, Incest is prevelant in the animal kingdom, but I feel it should be avoided for the most part since the offspring of such unions have a chance of being genetically flawed.

On the plus side, the first generation of incestual relations don't make that much of an impact on that. Also, non-incest offspring can have a chance at genetic flaws. In addition, it only increases chances of getting genetic flaws if the individuals involved happen to have alleles linked to said genetic flaws.

Well I've actually heard birth defects between first cousins are almost as low as people who aren't related but I'm too lazy to find a source.

Got you covered Lindsay!


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I'm all for it. There really isn't much of a difference in children-by-incest and the rest of us, provided there isn't something seriously wrong with the family's genes, and that's the only reason I can really think of, other than the normal "Holy Book X says it's wrong" and "eww that's icky" defenses.

It should be pointed out that I support pretty much any kind of marriage that doesn't involve little kids. Wanna marry a goat? Feel free. A television? Go for it. I'm just not so sure you should expect governmental bonuses for such things.

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I'm not saying it's bad. I'm saying there are chances your kid will be messed up directly due to the incest. Now, there are also many messed up children who have no relation to incest.

I just want people to understand that they are fooling with genetics, if they really love someone -- awesome. They just need to know that they may not have a child who can easily live a "normal" life.

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Well again to the first cousins = not a very high chance of birth defects.

I don't know about the chance of birth defects with direct siblings but I guess it doesn't matter since most would use birth control, and adopt/artifical insemination if they wanted a child.

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Thats what I'm saying, why chance it?

But one chances it any time one attempts to have children.

Anyway, whats the fun in marring a cousin or sibling, I mean, you've probably known them all your life already. I say go out into the world and find someone who makes you feel good.

But... What if they do make you feel good? Just because you know someone you can't feel well?

you gotta think about the kid.

DUDE MY MOM AND DAD ARE COUSINS? that would scare the hell out of me.

But don't you see? It's only due to ingrained cultural messages that such fear would arise. You could be one the first to break down the walls. It's like black people. Long ago everyone said they were below everyone else, and it didn't make sense to challenge it, society couldn't be wrong. Could it? Anyway, some were thinking that didn't really make any sense, so they got together and challenged it, and that's the story behind the Civil Rights (the kids edition!).

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