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22 dead and rising


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My brother graduated from VT, and his old room-mate is still there so you can see why this directly affects us.


just turn on CNN for live video and updates.

article isnt up to date, currently 22 dead 21 injured.

I am disliking the CNN coverage making the school seem like an un-safe place, THERE IS 26 THOUSAND STUDENTS AT VT. For it being a highly sought after technology school, that is alot of students in comparison to say Yale or Harvard.

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What I mean is that I find it unlikely that it would have occurred had there not been all the sensationalistic coverage of all those other school shootings. I could be wrong, of course.

dude. its a school shooting. not a fucking drop in nasdaq.

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some light shed on motive

SKY NEWS: Witnesses said he was heavily armed and entered the college looking for his girlfriend... One said he had an "ungodly" amount of ammunition on him. He reportedly lined up students and opened fire at them. He was said to be a young Asian...

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