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Internet Radio in danger of dying out (again)

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This is insane, and will kill internet radio and hurt NPR

The record companies are greedy, heartless corporations that don't know what the consumer wants and can't tell art from someone screaming after being kicked in the balls.

IT's not that they don't know what art is, it's that they don't give a shit.

But yes, they're heartless and greedy. That's not the thing that boggles me though, corporations generally exist to be heartless and greedy. THe thing that boggles me is their inability to see the need to adapt to the times. Hello? Businesses don't survive if they don't adapt?

Not that it's a new thing for the RIAA. When radio (of the actual radio wave sort) first became a thing, they did campaigns about how it was 'stealing money' and 'hurting the artists.'

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