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I'm getting really tired of looking so darn straight-laced all the time. I'm not into changing my fashion sense (I <3 tweed) so I'm considering getting some kind of facial piercing.

The catch is that I want something that won't make me look like some emo prick.

So does any one have any ideas on a style of piercing might look good?

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I have three, the one that gets the most attention is the lip ring, and I don't get the "emo" comments simply because I am looking metal all the time. Getting your ears pierced is a fine line, I have 2 metal studs in my ears and alot of people don't notice it too often, so don't expect it to change your look too much if you happen to get it.

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I'd go for an eyebrow. it was my first piercing when i was 14. Its gone now unfortunately. My warning pertains to it.

Be careful if you have one while its healing. i wasn't careful and i ripped it a little. thought nothing of it and started wrestling around with my friend again. next thing i know. sharp pain and blood. It had been ripped out. Didn't scar badly luckily but now i know.haha

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I dislike piercings

Go drink your toilet water, Scott

Oh no, Mith, don't get one or else GPS won't be attracted to you anymore. :awesome:


^ :laugh: I have no idea why but I seriously nearly fell out of my chair.

I've thought about an eyebrow piercing, but I dunno, it sounds like a pain in the ass.

Yeah, that's my thing with 'em. THey look cool, but they're a PAIN. And any piercing, but especially face piercings, really up the chance of injury, infection, scarring, ect.

I won't tell anyone else not to get one though, 'cause I really do like the way they look.

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