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Tank Girl Rendition.

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Alright, so believe it or not, looking at some of Tim's art has reinvigorated me to start drawing again after a hiatus of about 5 months. I'm a big fan of art that involves heavy outlining such as the style of sumi-e that was incorperated into Okami, as will as Jamie Hewlett's art, which includes Tank Girl and being the artistic mastermind behind the Gorillaz.

I'm looking to turn some of his art into a black and white rendition, which is kind of something I enjoy doing. I have been doing some research on Tank Girl and have fallen for the post-apocalyptic punk art all over again that made me go for Fallout back in the day. I'm currently looking for a picture that I will stay dedicated to, then I will attack it with Micron, but I'm thinking this one:


I'll be posting my progress in this thread......

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Just to give a better idea on what I do, I take regular color drawings and replace it with black and white without losing the integrity of the drawing because of it's lack of color; it's challenging. This is a very, very unfinished picture I did from Okami:


EDIT: Oh, and the media I was using for this was one very fine Micron and a 2B. I just bought Okami and I drew this before I put the game in.

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This was a quick warmup, I really didn't want to jump right into the official picture that I was doing after not having any time on paper in half a year, so I found this sketch of Tank Girl done by a syudent at some British academy and took ink to it.

This is by no means even close to finished, noting the hands and other select area that have just sketchwork on them:


Now I'm moving on to the real thing

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