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The point of this thread wasn't that you can't buy everything from the bands it was how sucky the top 10 lists of everything on itunes is.

And we'd want to feed metallica more money when they have 6000000000000 zillion dollars and fucked up the music sharing industry why?

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I think it's better that way. I don't want mallcore kids, posers or other people who know nothing of good music to have it so readily available. Most often it would be like this"

Mallcore kid who doesn't know his Slayer is: WOAHZ!1! They have Slayer on iTunes, they're heavy, so I'll download their stuff and never listen to it, but still go on and on about how much Slayer kicks ass.

So...you know, whatever.

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I wouldn't attribute the top 10 downloads to "new kids."

Besides, I don't like Metallica nor do I like Slayer. And what Faulty meant is that if Slayer and Metallica were on the top 10, it would mean that they've sold out and thus died. Rejoice in the fact that your favourite bands aren't on the list, don't spite iTunes and todays kids.

Metallica sold out a looooong time ago.

They're not bad, though, overall.

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Metallica passes because Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning are great.


I have Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Kill 'Em All, ...And Justice for All, and one song off of Garage Inc (which is an alright-ish remake of a Bob Segar song).

Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning are the best, though.

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