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Accelerated Evolution

compilation 4.19: post-rock/weird stuff

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post-rock/weird stuff compilation


these monsters... - "intro"

tera melos - "40 rods to the hogs head"

a lily - "i am to you"

sexual jedi - "our legs were built backwards"

enablers - "for jack: a philippic"

monoland - "moralin"

paavoharju - "valo tihkuu kaiken lapi"

the murder of rosa luxemburg - "the beard is immortal"

attack of the giant squid - "track 04"

the chinese stars - "panic in the population"

maserati - "the outside world"

tarantula AD - "who took berlin (part i)"

joy wants eternity - "of dead loves and waning perfume"

i put a LITTLE effort into the track order, just to make sure it wasn't like five mellow songs in a row followed by seven energetic ones. enjoy suckaaas

**here's the previous post-rock comp i did

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I just listened to the whole thing. Kinda forgot about it. MY TRACK BY TRACK COMMENTARY:

1. These Monsters - Nice intro song.

2. Tera Melos - Shred as fuck. Kinda long and drawn out though.

3. A Lily - Nice mellow track. Nothing fab, but pretty cool.

4. Sexual Jedi - Jazzy, kinda funky. Pretty cool (although not really "my thing")

5. Enablers - Kinda boring actually

6. Monoland - Super atmospheric. Funny enough, reminded me of MONO.

7. Paavoharju - If they aren't Icelandic, I'll eat my hat. Hahaha

8. The Murder Of... - Pretty fuckin awesome actually. One of my faves on the comp.

9. Attack of the Giant Squid - SUPER familiar. Can't put my finger on it. Not too into it though.

10. The Chinese Stars - Sounded like a really bizarre Brit-Pop group. Entertaining though.

11. Maserati - Probably my favorite track on the whole thing. Damned cool. You got much of their shit?

12. Tarantula AD - Weirdest song, by far. Hahaha

13. Joy Wants Eternity - Good outtro song. THIS is the kind of post-rock I enjoy most, just for reference. Good shit.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Thanks man!

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hahaha, awesome man. if you want more Maserati, i've got:

inventions for the new season

the language of cities

37 29 24

split with mercury program

split with cinemechanica and we versus the shark

Inventions for the New Season just came out and it's one of my fave albums this year for sure. older stuff was good, but not as memorable

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