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Planet Earth

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This is a 12 (i think) part series basically about animals and the remote environments they inhabit around the world. Each part premieres every Sunday night, with, I think, the final part premiering next Sunday. Anyway, does anyone watch it? I watched a few parts and they are an excellent set of documentaries. The sceneries filmed are just stunning.

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I knew about them every week, but kept on forgeting to watch, and only ended up seeing a few. I really wanted to see all of them all too, but ah i just turned on the tv an hour ago, but they'll probably be another marathon next week...

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Ya, I totally watched a huge portion of the marathon on Sunday (and DVR/Tivoed the others). The filming is freakin fantabulous, and the snow leopard cub was so fuckin metal it HURT :headbang:

But ya, I'm bored right now so I'm thinking about watching the desert one.

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