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Beyond the Red Line


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My friend introduced me to this a couple days ago, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's still in beta, so all it has right now are the first 2 single player missions and online play, but they say they want to have the single player follow the plot of the show, which sounds fun.

After splicing together an xbox breakaway cable and a usb cable I've been using my Steel Battalion controller to play which, while a little touchy, adds a LOT to the feel and fun of the game.

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I downloaded it, realized that it's automatically set to use the keypad, and I didn't feel like reconfiguring all the keys (my laptop doesn't have a keypad).

Pff, it's worth the effort. Owen and I and probably LQ as well are going to be doing some multiplayer later, it would be awesome if you joined.

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