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Audio player of choice  

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  1. 1. Which player do you use?

    • iTunes
    • Foobar2000
    • Windows Media player
    • Winamp
    • Amarok
    • other

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Amarok is by far my favorite, but it fails hard at streaming music from my file server, so I use Rythmbox.

If I'm using Windows, I just use Windows Media Player.

I don't like WinAmp. It stopped being good after version 2.9.

Amarok, is pretty solid. I have been digging it for the past few weeks.

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iTunes- love the interface and I have an iPod...

I agree with this statement. I use WinAmp on my roommate's computer (well, he uses winamp, and I use his computer, sooo). It's a solid program, I think of about the same quality of iTunes. The awesome stuff that one has is canceled out by the awesome stuff the other has.

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i used mpc for video, winamp for audio. i have yet to see visualizations more stunning than milkdrop for winamp.

i guess i like to use the same apps ive been using for a decade haha. there must be a visualization that beats milkdrop, the last update of that shit is like 5 years old now. surely technology has evolved since then????

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