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Yeah, I've been working on this non-stop lately, this is just for fun... I am making a Soundtrack to a science fiction story set in outer space. I've made up a story and am making music to go along with it as if it was to be used in a film. I figured it was an interesting concept.

The songs are all short 1-2 minutes, no vocals and I think its far different than anything I've done.

Those are the first 5 tracks, this isnt being released or anything so as I add songs they'll just be added to that link.

Edit - I also love this since theres no vocals or real song chorus structure, it allows me to go full on bass groove up in the front of the mix, instead of guitar or vox.

and bass is my favorite thing ever.

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these are awesome man, always love spacey science fiction stuff. Some of these sound like they could be turned into awesome spacey hip hop beats, especially #2. I need to get back into making beats. I may steal track 2 and turn it into a beat.

by the way, what did you use to create these?

oh duder, I play everything and samples the choruses and stuff.

Gotta remember I am GALEXIA




Although I may not keep this as Galexia since galexia is real song structures vocals and all that.. and this is just a fake OST.

I record all instruments one by one into my PC then mix and master.

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