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Accelerated Evolution

does GPS think you are worthy of living PT 2


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i sit around and do nothing all day am i worthy? :D :buki:

Was budda?

oh hey, what the fuck. When did this thread turn into "suck GPS's cock"

I think every thread goes down that path if it is allowed to go on long enough.

I actually like GPS too, although I imagine I'm one of the people who "knows who I am."

Honestly no. I was refering to those whom I hate all the time like James_Xeno and CTLesq. There are those who I hate some of the time, but most of the time I have no problem with and even like very much at times, like Mithrandir, Kehya, J-stop, Ceraziefish, SD, and Belial

And then these are those whom I love because there is no other choice. Like Buki, Vampy, Darkon, coop, Crube and really most others. The people whom make this list are easy to get along with and fun.

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