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Girls who play (but probably really don't)

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That's cool and all, but the fact that they're all dressed up in skanky outfits is very, very trashy. I mean, I'd think it was cooler if they interviewed girls who play video games and wear normal clothes. This is just like Maxim for gamers, i.e. softcore porn.

There are a few who are wearing casual clothes. Those must be the real gamers :awesome:

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so she must be uber-leeeet, with all that WoW/Halo knowledge

You know when someones elite when they break the little warranty sticker on the back of their console.

This is just like Maxim for gamers, i.e. softcore porn.

Same as Nerdcore, except that the girls are really meh.

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Meh, I don't think that they should be dressing all skanky and shit, I mean why..I prefer my girl gamer to be an average joe...and someone I can pound in the ass with a wiimote while playing Metroid...ohh Samus my love


Wait until you get to the part in Prime 3 where Ridley asks you in for some hot coffee.

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