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Celebrity Face Recognition


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i apparently look like a bunch of ppl...including, priyanka chopra, drew barrymore, kajol, aretha franklin [wtf?], jennifer lopez, susan sontag....um what? lol...

okay...i did this thing again with another picture and this' what i got::

madonna, christina ricci [i knew this one was coming, ppl always tell me i look like her...], paul celan, uma thurman, judy garland, natalie portman, aishwarya rai, beyonce knowles, winona ryder, david brin


I redid the same pic and added the percentages:::

madonna 70%

christina ricci 70%

paul celan 69%

uma thurman 66%

judy garland 66%

natalie portman 65%

aishwarya rai 65%

beyonce knowles 64%

winona ryder 63%

david brin 62%

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I apperantly look like: Daniel Radcliffe, George Harrison, Sophie Marceau, River Phoenix, Emma Watson, Madonna (WTF?), Jennifer Connelly, Shannen Doherty, Nicole Kidman (xD), Dean Martin.

Different pic: Neve Campbell, Bob Dylan, Yehuda Levi, Helena Carter, Emma Watson, Jaun Montaya, Jack Kerouac, Alec Guinness, Brad Pitt, Pedro Almodovar

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Brandon Lee - 54%

Fernando Alonso - 51%

Liza Minneli - 50%

Jason Biggs - 44%

Paul McCartney - 42%

Luis Figo - 40%

Truman Capote - 38%

Lucille Ball - 38%

Pavel Nedved - 37 %

Tom Cruise - 36%

I'm gonna upload another pic and see what I get.

Helen Clark - 65%

Julie Andrews - 64%

Mira Sorvino - 63%

Julianne Moore - 62%

Shirley Temple - 61%

Ayumi Hamasaki - 61% XD XD XD

Audrey Tautou - 60%

Chelsea Clinton - 60%

John Malkovich - 60%

Julia Roberts - 57%

Uhhhh.... wtf?

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This looks fun....

52% Leonardo DiCaprio

49% Andre Hazes (some fatass)

45% Hilary Duff (WTF?)

45% Daniel Radcliffe

43% Hugo Weaving

42% Russell Crowe

41% Andie MacDowell (WTF? yet again)

41% Chester A. Arthur (who the hell is this guy?)

41% Brad Pitt

40% Diana Ross (WTF?)

I used a year old picture this time. I'll try a newer one later.

Wow... my 9 year old sister is 70% Shirley Temple, 68% Natalie Portman, 63% Liv Tyler, 58% Emma Watson.... and a few other people. I got the ugly genes in my family, I think.

I tried a different picture of mine and as two of the people, I got 40% Karl Marx and 42% King Alfonso XIII of Spain. XD

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