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Tom Goes to the Mayor

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Why is this show being heralded by DVD reviewers as the second coming of Monty Python level comedy?

I know fans of the show like to use the excuse that those who don't get it just aren't intelligent enough to understand the material or are themselves the subject of the satire, but I do understand the show, I get the jokes, I just don't think it's funny.

Ever since the series DVD set has been announced and released I've not seen one bad review and yet I don't know a single soul (in person or on the internet) who likes the show.

WTF is going on?

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Some people like stuff you don't like, some people don't like stuff you don't like.

I hate monty python and anything that the two idiots from tom produce on adult swim. Stupid fucking shows, with stupid fucking humor.

Sienfeld and Home movies is gold tho. GOLD.

I never heard of Sienfeld, but Seinfeld is a pretty good show.

Edit: :awesome:

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