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Splinter Cell 5: Conviction

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So finally the next (and "xbox exclusive" for whatever the hell that's worth nowadays) Splinter Cell is coming. And boy howdy does the Montreal team appear to be changing things up.

Slinking in shadows? Wearing high tech goggles? Well, if you played the last splinter cell then you'll know that's not really in the cards for good old Sam. He's on his own now. No longer a part of third echelon, Sam is off doing fine until he gets word that his buddy in the department Anna Grimsdottr is in trouble. It seems that under it's new management third echelon has gotten caught in a power struggle between two sides and isn't quite the good guys anymore.

So Sam decides to save her ass.

The developers have put really big amount of work on making the animations on SC5 the best there are. For example Sam can grab a chair while running and there is not a single/multi pre-made animations for this event. The chair has a certain amount of points where it can be grabbed and the "animation-motor" adjusts Sams arms so the animation is fluid and realistic. The Journalist who tested the game said it was still not finished, but the animations looked way better than ANYTHING he had ever seen in a game. Sounds great.

Sam cant kill cops, guards and such, but he can kill terrorists and other bad guys. He has a very good set of close combat skills and can push. and throw people around and this way knock them unconscious. (is that how its spelled?)

The demo level was a park with about 300 civilians. Sam had to make his way to a computer in a bar/office or something. Midst the crowd was some security personnel who were searching Sam. The devs told Pelaaja, that they tried to make the game so, that the gamers has free will over how the game progresses. So there isnt just a couple of linear and scripted ways to play the game. Sam could just blend in to the crowd easily and it was important not to show his face. Sam could "shadow" a person thus making his way to the Computer or he could smack some civilians causing a fuzz in the crowd. He could even blow up a gas tank and thus wreak panic among people. Making it easy to move through the crowd. If Sam causes too much ruckus though, the guards call some reinforcements from the company Sam worked. And they kill on sight.

CHOICE is another big aspect of the game for example if you get caught with another dude (a merchant of sorts/informant etc) you can decide if to help him/her to escape or to leave him to the cops. Of course he/her wont be there for you later on in the game.

Pictars you say? Okay.






Anyways, I've always been a Splinter Cell type as opposed to the Metal Gear Solid craziness. And I'm really looking forward to the changes being made. They say they're taking inspiration from Assasin's Creed and the Jason Bourne novels/movies for the action rather than just plain old sneaking around in shadows and grabbing people.

Plus ya gotta love emo hobo Sam.

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It looks pretty cool. I played the first one awhile back and it was fun but stealth games were never really my cup of tea. We'll see, though. At least I liked its approach to stealth gaming more than MGS.

:headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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