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Emergency Root Canal

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The lower left side of my mouth had been bothering me for the past few days. Yesterday it felt worse, but I took some pain killers and it was cool. I even ate pizza [yay]. Then this morning, about 3AM I wake up and scream 'MOTHERFUCKER" at the top of my lungs because the same area of my mouth that was bothering me previously, now felt like someone shoved a rusty six inch bowie in my fucking mouth and left it in there. I wake up for real and I'm flipping the fuck out. I'm looking for pain killers and I take three [one more than recommended] and nothing. Same degree of pain and now I'm thinking, "Fuck, this is really bad."

So now I'm in my bathroom and I'm looking in the mirror, prying my mouth open with my fingers earnestly searching for the cause of this unbearable ache. At first I thought it was a smal filling which I mistook for a large cavity. It's three in the morning, so to me it was completely believable at the time. So I poked at it with a toothpick to double check and it wasn't. It was just a filling. Ok, so what the fuck is the problem? After a second look, I was completely awake and aware of the degee of "fucked" I was. A good third or better of one of my teeth is fucking missing. the filling was just sitting there and I almost kicked a small child over it.

I wake up the family and fucktastic news: My "new" dentist is "on motherfucking vacation". They said, "But we'll try to schedule an appointment with the back up" When I hear "back up" referring to a dentist or doctor or similar profession, I automatically think "FUCKING QUACK". Big money big money, no whammy, no whammy STOP! Back up doctor's on "motherfucking vacation" as well. AND on top of all of that shit, they say based on how I described the situation, it's most likely my nerve is exposed and I need an "emergency root canal". Fuck...

My mom was looking through the phonebook for a...forget what they're called. They're the dentists who do the sonofabicth work that fucking slays [and not in a good/metal way]. We've called three and none have called back so far. And I'm not sure how much longer I can take the fucking pain.

Wish me luck, I'm told root canals are murder.

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I was at the YMCA once when I was young and broke my two front teeth in half. I had to get a root canal and then bond new shit onto it. Also I had no novacaine, or how ever it's spelled. Root canals aren't bad. The only thing that sucked was that I saw him pulling nerves out of my teeth and shit and had a horrible taste in my mouth no pun intended.

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At about 9-9:30 today I caught a break [no thanks to the so called motherfucking "emergency endodontists] as one of my mom's friends' husband is a dentist.

So, I got there and the first thing he says is "Wow." This made me feel instantly uncomfortable. He took some xrays and whatnot and decided that even though I probably should've gotten a root canal, he did something else because it looked "saveable". Orginailly he had planned to extract it and start...but when he took the xrays he changed his mind. After three shots of novacaine, I could barely feel my face or remember where I was, let alone feel him cleaning and grinding the shit out of my tooth that once was.

Two hours later [Yeah, two] I was finished. He gave me what he called a "deep filling" which upon paraphrasing a good 2-3 minutes worth of dialogue translated into "I made the other half of your tooth metal." Which even though has the word metal in it, is much less awesome than it sounds. It still hurts, but not as bad as it did earlier today and by the time I wake up tomorrow I should be right.

Well, tomorrow is sunday, let's look at the schedule: English homework and impressionistic writing [which I'm doing on the Dark Tranquillity show :headbang:], math test on monday, wire sculpture and cthulhu project due on the 25th, biography/report shit on John Steinback due on the 18th...I have a ton of shit to do and no time to do it. Thanks for the wise words as always though.

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