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Linkin Park New Album


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WOW what a year it has been for physchedelic space rock! With the release of Linkin Parks new heart wrenching epic "Minutes To Midnight" (A great title as I often stay up close to midnight on the weekend), Linkin Park has taken new heights of emotion, metal, funk, hiphop, physchedelia and of course theyre man genre over the past few years. "Space Rock" which ofcourse they helped pioneer along with limp bizket.

Anyway, the album opens with an amazing atmospheric piece called "Wake". Wonderful Piano playing is done by theyre keyboardist Shinobi. Shinobi is perhaps the greatest Space Rock keyboardist ever, he brings amazing melodies with space rock atmoshpers and heart wrenching melodies. The song picks up with some guitars and bass that are so hard to play it blew my face up with a book.

Given Up (SOMETHING THIS BAND SHOULD NOT DO) opens with a sample of some clapping, and kicks into a funky physchedelic space rock groove. The singer Chester sounds so amazing! Better than he has ever before!

"TAKE THIS ALL AWAY IM SUFFOCATING TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME" is screamed in the chorus and is the greatest and most emotional lyrics I ever heard. (Even more so than the new Panic and the disco) Theyre is a bass guitar breakdown followed by a breakdown straight out of Hardcore Rock and Roll music, Chester is growling! This is Emo at its finest!

Lets skip to another favorite song of mine, "BLEED IT OUT" another song that uses the beyond imaginative use of clapping samples to be rythmatic (*who needs a drummer when you you have hands?! GENIUS*) "I bleed it out take it deeper just to throw it away" Majestic verses are sung by what sounds like an african american man. It is the hip hop. I like it. After we leave harlem it kicks back into a super emotional chorus, and once again Chester is SCREAMING HIS HEART OUT! I am so glad linkin park has emo influnces as I feel it the best genre in space rock sub genres. "IVE OPENED UP THESE SCARS, ILL MAKE YOU FACE THIS" Something I've always thought so it connects with me like the internet.

Another favorite is "Valentines Day" - "My insides are turned to ash, and the way inside collapses so cold". This song is just SO emotional it reminds me of all those days in elementary school wanting to get a valentine but all I got was chocolate my mom bought me and I ate it. IT was good. The drumming is very progressive emo space rock ish, it is very technical. Rob Bourdon is the drummer for Linkon park, he is perhaps the most talented drummer in space rock. The song stays quiet like my best friend paulie (he liikes t obe called damien) he sits in class while girls make fun of him and my principle one time told him to blow his ball sack off. It picks up to be SO emotional. Its like getitng that valentine you always wanted by that blonde girl that sits infront of me in english class. Go Chester!

Finally the album ends with some distortion feedback (HOW DOES HE DO IT) and a hip hop beat straight out of the mental madness of SHINOBI. Acoustic Guitar begins to play, it is soft, it is majestic, it was wonderful, it is powerful, I enjoyed it. Chester sounds like a beautiful man. The lyrics touched me. "like an ocean, everyhwere dont wanna reach for me do you! I mean nothing to you! the little things give you away!" IT reminds me of me. This song is 6 minutes and 25 songs, I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING "WOW THATS A LONG SONG?! HOW DO THEY DO IT / THATS TOO LONG FOR ME" DOn't worry guys, this is space rock at its finest, also this song is the longest song ever written (6 minutes WOW tahts so epic its like the lord of the rings of music). The song halfway through picks up in emotion, and chester moans at the top of his lungs. This is a spiral of guitars and synthetic keyboard sounds everywhere. This is what I picture heaven to be like.

Overall I believe this is the greatest space rock album released since "Taking Back Sunday's" last album. IT is alot more space emo than emo rock, but plenty of space rock mixed with the space emo. Over all I get it 10 out of 10 mega stars and 2 big thumbs up.


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what is that from? because that looks fantastic


Airheads! (is the movie)

thats adam sandler in the back on the drums, its a fucking bloody classic bro

"I know you guys think im some kind of dick..cheeseburger or whatever"

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Are you fuckin kidding me? Linkin Park? Space rock? You guys are retarded and don't know SHIT about the space rock genre (or music in general.)

Linkin Park is CLEARLY avant-garde ambient space metal.

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