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The NFL Football Thread

Jae Hoon

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Have an alwasy will be a Raiders/New England Patriots fan.

I was so damn happy when the patriots beat the eagles that my friend just happend to adore.

I was too.

Baltimoreans don't like how Philadelphia thinks they're an awesome hot shot city when compared to their neighbors when in fact they are just a large Baltimore that has a trash dump called Camden, NJ where they send most of their crime.

Rant over.

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Falcons game wrecked up yesterday.

Go Keon Carpenter, D'angelo Hall, and Mike Vick! (all former Virginia Tech players)

also for anyone who watched the cowboys, and saw a HUGE hit on a kick off return, Willie Pile on the cowboys made that hit, another VT player =]

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Go Lions... awww crap.

But seriously, their new uniforms that they wore on Turkey Day were atrocious. You're the fucking Detroit Lions, your colors are Blue and Silver, there is no black between the words "Blue" and "Silver" so don't fucking wear it.

Leave Black to the Raiders and for special uniforms (Ravens have an all-black they wear on some night games for instance).

The Lions uniforms looked so, so dumb though.

Cowboys throwbacks looked stellar.

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Mariucci got fired from Detroit.

Mixed feelings on this...

A big part of me says "About fucking time!" while part of me feels bad. I mean, he was a good friend of Izzo, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would shake Izzo up right here at the beginning of the season.

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Mixed feelings on this...

A big part of me says "About fucking time!" while part of me feels bad. I mean, he was a good friend of Izzo, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would shake Izzo up right here at the beginning of the season.

It shouldn't shake Izzo up that badly. Mariucci will probably be coaching at a college next year.

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What is going on with the league? They give themselves more time, but they haven't actually been talking with the time they had. uncapped year would suck. As for the fish fan, I'm a bills fan so I'm warning everybody that when footaball starts up again this might get ugly. BTW, where's Ricky gettin his weed nowadays?

As for QB's Brees and Culpepper might be available, and they can always gamble on Vick

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<----the fish fan.

and as for Rikcy, he is a dumb ass, ruined a trade possibility for us and now he is gone for a year.....

at least we get Ronnie Brown more into the single back atmosphere...

we could use a QB, good lord that would be nice.....

and ummmm well as for the Bills.....

I hate them, what can I say. I hate anyone team in the AFC East, I used to hate the Colts, but they left and now have Dungy as their coach so I am partial to them.

<3 Dungy, he did great things in Tampa and not just for the team.

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Hey, the Bills have a couple of things going for them

1) wise old men

2) TKO

3) Nate Clements (overpaid, but still good)

4) Willis (not the best, but with a decent O-line, which we're working on, he could be good)

5) Evans and parrish. They're fast, and parrish is a freak. he's made catches in impossible ways.

6) ST Terrence McGee. Best returner in the league. scoring is easy when you start the game on your opponent's side of the field

7) rest of defense is pretty good. little known fact, Fletcher was #2 in tackles last year, beten only by AFC East rival Vilma

8) home field advantage. few teams practice in anything like Buffalo conditions. 40 mph winds, driving snow, 15 degree weather. and moorman still has a great unting average, and we ALWAYS sell out

Dungy is really cool. He's one of the reasons why I lik the colts (the other is that they hate the Patriots)

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Wait........there is one saving grace for the Bills.......

Willis.........yeah, The U

still not as good as Portis or Edge, but good regardless.

Are you insulting our other great attributes? Clements has the tendency to pick you guys more than anybody else. Are you insulting the octagenarians? Kelly may have lost 4 Super Bowl's under Levy, but that's still getting to 4 Super Bowls for Levy. And then there's TKO. He will be back. Ronnie Brown will learn to run left (his right) because otherwise he will feel pain. And McGee is beastly.

Anyway, this'll be settled in abut 7 or 8 months. Until then, i will fulfill my duty as a Bills fan and trash talk

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Kelly wishes he could have been Marino.......

or maybe it's the other way around..........

Marino would have won one of those SuperBowls had he been a Bill......

*burns then runs away*

I hate to admit it, but Marino probably was a better all around QB than Kelly. Even Losman could run a decent no-huddle. The difference was that Kelly had Reed, Thurman (what, how is he not good enough for Canton?) Levy, and a great O-line. Don't get me wrong, Kelly was great, but he also had a much better supporting cast than Marino did.

Marino being a Bill would unmake existence as surely as the Bills winning the Super bowl or the Sabres winning the Stanley Cup

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No, if Marino had been a Bill he'd be guiding them down the field on the most important drive of a year that will certainly end in a Super Bowl, scramble, and destroy both knees in a strange and frightening tackle. Ending his career. I know the pains of being a Buffalo sports fan. I like both the Bills and Sabres. I rooted for the Bills before we got the Ravens down here.

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