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The NFL Football Thread

Jae Hoon

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So predictions? Who wins each division?


North - Ravens

South - Colts

East - Dolphins (Seriously, fuck the Jets and the Pats are getting old quick.)

West - Raiders


North - Packers

South - Saints (Or the Bucs!!!!!!!! *cough*)

East - Cowboys

West - 49ers

MVP - Aaron Rodgers

RotY - CJ Spiller

Super Bowl - Ravens vs Packers

Winner.... dunno.

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Well it's coming close to that glorious time of the year again and it's time for Windy's and Scar's (hopefully) season projections. Think I may do one load pre preseason and a post preseason.


North - Packers (But would not be surprised if somehow the lions pull it out of the bag)

South - Falcons but with the strong feeling that the Bucs could take it

East - Eagles hands down

West - Rams/Cards not sure who

Wildcards: Lions and Bucs (if they don't sneek their divisions)


Nortrh - Ravens/Steelers but I believe the Ravens will take it this year

South - Colts most likely but I have a gut feeling someone else may take it this year but not sure who.

East - Pats hands down

West - I wish I could say Raiders but they don't finish above third this year. Chargers take back the west.

Wildcards: Whoever doesn't win out of the ravens and steelers and I'm feeling the Texans this year even if arian gets injured

Super Bowl - Eagles vs Pats

3Edited to add wildcards and removed the bears because I was being stupid. I mean who adds Roy Williams as an improvement to your recieving core?

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