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Recommend me Stoner Metal/Rock OR Hip Hop

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Bands I like (and want more stuff like):

Electric Wizard


Karma to Burn (just started listening)



And I dunno if these count but I also like Katatonia, Noothgrush, and Sunn O))).

On the hip-hop side of things I really like stuff that samples old funk and soul records but besides RJD2 I haven't been able to find any recorded music of that -- I've seen live DJs do it all the time but I want to listen to it while I'm doing my homework, you know?

EDIT: All uploads rawk <3

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reposting repost of repost

here's the stuff i usually recommend:

fu manchu

bottom <--- ultra rad girl band

acid king

sons of OTIS


the atomic bitchwax

karma to burn

dragonauta (can't go wrong with south american bands named after SLEEP songs)

(men of) porn

beaver / 13aver

i used to go on stonerrock.com sometimes and just screw around looking for bands with silly names and cool album covers

adding MIDDIAN, who rose from the ashes of YOB. also a few to check out:

Colour Haze

the Psychic Paramount (i think YOU'd like these guys)

Witchfinder General (more NWOBHM/DOOM, but still awesomer than the awesomest)

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This is relevant to my interests!



Reverend Bizarre


Fu Manchu

The Melvins

Now for the more hip hop side.

DJ SHADOW (Essential, that's all that needs to be said)

Massive Attack (Not really hip-hop, but you'll dig em)

Prefuse 73

The Future Sound of London

Aesop Rock



J Dilla

Brother Ali

Soul Position (RJD2 before he went solo)

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