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Resident Evil 4 wii release

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About a month away and I just pre-ordered it. The release price is $30, so no excuse NOT to get it. I'm not the biggest Resident Evil fan but hell.... this looks sweet.

Let's discuss!


you know that it was on GC first right..this actually was an awesome title, but at the same time I'm gonna be biased anyway because I think Leon kennedy is da shit and Scott when you play it

release the dog thats chained up at the beginning

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I loved RE4, but I hated escorting that chick around SO much.

At least her AI was good enough to listen to you. It only became a problem in very cramped areas with lots of respawning guados. That section with the wrecking ball on Professional is brutal.

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EGM's review confuses me. 'Milkman' and Mark both say that the controls are too convoluted and takes some of the fun away from the game, while Micheal says that the buttons are mapped perfectly and makes the game way too damn easy. Hum...

Also, not sure if it was brought up in the thread, but Nintendo Power confirmed that the team went back and redid all of the PS2 extras on the Gamecube engine for the Wii edition. So the lighting and such will be better.

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