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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales


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It's awesome. I got it today for the DS. It has all the FF music we know and love such as save music, battle music, victory music, and best of all, chocobo music. You go through each story like a book and read a prologue and an epilogue when you finish. There's a bunch of mini games and move either on touch screen or with your d-pad. It's pretty fun.

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what the crap is this game all about anyway?

You play as a Chocobo who's land was just borked by a evil wizard and your goal, along with your friends, is to find various books laying around in the world and play a mini game to finish them. The titles of the various books are based on actual fables just with Final Fantasy Characters (The Boy Who Cried Leviathan, The Admantoise and the Cactuar). Boss battles are also played out in a card style form.

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