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Crube at the International Barbecue Festival 2007.


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It's a fun tradition that this small town takes every year: The annual International Barbecue Festival. People across the country (And sometimes the world.) come to the small town and enjoy the sights, sounds, taste, and smell of this organised festival. Several of blocks are shut down in downtown Owensboro for small shops, carnival rides, concerts, competitions, and of course, the food stands. With a nice scene of the Ohio River, it is one of the many things a native of Owensboro should do at least once or twice.




These are the barbecue pits in which they cook various meats from chicken to ribs. Notice how they have layers of dirt and sand first so they won't damage the roads in anyway possible.




While the competitors may be done with cooking, you can still see some of the equipment used to cook various foods being packed. Those large black metal kettles are used to serve up a little dish called burgoo. It is like a soup consisting of mutton, potatoes, onions, and corn and very tasty. As I was taking some pictures, some cookers (who were apparently sloshed up a little.) asked to take a picture... so, here it is.

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Like mentioned earlier, blocks are closed off for various stands to sell items and food stuff. Foods ranging from gyros, pizzas, and deep fried Coca-Cola (Originated in Dallas, Texas last summer.), and everything inbetween can be found.


I'd go on to different concerts, but this particular band was covering a Blind Guardian song... so that deserves some mentioning!



And here is me, just taking in some of the scenery and making friends with a Recycle-Bot.

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